To further support the range of organisations, some regions have established Chapters, who represent a specific industry sector or Special Interest Group (SIG).

A Chapter Council aims to

  • Provide networking opportunities for members to meet other members and professionals

  • Exchange ideas

  • Share experiences

To keep up to date with

  • Changes in legislation, policies, standards, technical knowledge, and industry advancements

  • Promote and encourage members to attend conventions, seminars, courses, workshops and training opportunities 

  • Encourage RIMPA membership

Chapter Council’s hold a number of events annually, including full day meetings, symposiums, and seminars. Members can keep abreast of upcoming meetings and events by regularly checking the Events section of the website.

Each Chapter is directed by a Chapter Council represented by RIMPA financial members’ who have nominated to hold a position.  Each year the Chapter Council hold a General Meeting (GM) where nominees for the next term are received.  Similarly, the Chapter GM is open to all members, industry professionals and the public, however only members have voting privileges.

Active Chapters are currently in: