EOI - Virtual Internship (International Students)

Are you interested in serving as a host organisation for an international online internship program that is tailored to meet your organisation's requirements?

RIMPA have partnered with Global Cultural Adventures to assist Chinese Students in gaining virtual internships in the area of information management and computer technology science.

Global Cultural Adventurers (GCA) is a global educational organisation committed to offering international education and internship programs. They have established successful partnerships with over 100 universities in mainland China. Over the past few years, two of their programs have been very successful- Homestay Cultural Experiment & Enrichment Program and Sociological Research of Australia & New Zealand Program. The former helps Chinese university students work as international volunteers for Non-profit organisations in the United States, while the latter is an educational exchange program.

GCA have about four hundred applicants per year, more than three thousand in total for 8 years.  The objective of the internship program is to provide support to Chinese university students seeking internships in international organizations. The program offers opportunities for interns to work for a duration of 3-9 months, with the majority opting for a 3-6 month program.

Interns can gain experience in various fields, including administrative work, marketing, social media, communication, event assistance, and professional internships relevant to their majors such as Records and Information Management. Please note that these internships are unpaid.

The purpose of the program is to enable the participants to communicate with a variety of people, improve interpersonal relations and communication skills, accumulate work experience and professional knowledge, and broaden their horizons in a different cultural atmosphere. To express interest in this exciting opportunity, kindly complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form provided below.