Building interoperability and its future professional

Wednesday 4th November | 10.00am - 10.30am (AEST - Qld Time)

Achieving interconnected services, sharing and re-using trusted information, and seamless exchange of data assets is an expectation across the information management sector. Building interoperability to aid these processes is a familiar concept but for many organisations, it’s viewed as complicated, driven by technology and separate from traditional information management expertise. 
The National Archives of Australia’s Data Interoperability Maturity Model (DIMM) demonstrates the need for information and data governance to coordinate and drive interoperability initiatives. Learn how DIMM can be used to assess your interoperability maturity and build the level you need, now and in the future. Explore the role of information professionals in building interoperability and the areas of knowledge that enable them to do so.


Presenter: Tessa Elieff | Assistant Director, Policy & Strategy, Government Data and Policy, National Archives of Australia

Tessa Elieff is Assistant Director Ag, for Policy and Strategy at the National Archives of Australia. 
She is a cultural collection specialist with expertise in creative audio/visual content. She is passionate about Australia’s archives and the role information management takes, in capturing and keeping national memory. Her work ethos champions moving fast and fixing things. How can data ‘do-better’ and what are the means and methods that enable information management professionals to deliver.

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