CPD Program

All RIMPA Professional Members (with the exception of Life and Retired Members) are required to undertake the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program in order to maintain their status. The RIMPA CPD program helps to demonstrate that RIMPA Professional Members are committed to the profession by maintaining and developing their proficiency and competence. The RIMPA CPD Program is intended to be flexible and to allow members to determine and select their own learning needs.


For the purpose of the RIMPA CPD Program, “continuing professional development” is defined as any learning activity that meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Relates to professional needs;

  • Assists with longā€term career goals;

  • Is of interest to the member’s employer;

  • Relates to professional ethics or public safety.


All Professional Members of RIMPA must comply with the CPD Program. This includes:

  • Associate Members (ARIM)

  • Chartered Members (MRIM)

  • Fellow Members (FRIM)

Students, corporate nominees, Life Members and retired members are not subject to the requirements of the RIMPA CPD Program.


  • Maintains and updates your industry knowledge

  • Increases your opportunities in the workplace

  • Improve career direction

  • Keep abreast with industry trends

  • Giving back to the industry

  • Assisting new records professionals

The CPD program is aimed to assist members in maintaining their professional status on a yearly basis.There are six categories used to define the main activities identified which relate to what Records and Information Management professionals commonly undertake to maintain professional status and remain in touch with industry trends.

It is recommended that a member’s 50 points are derived from more than one category but it is understood that some members may only have access to one or two of the categories yearly.



Category 1: Formal Training and Education

Refers to activities that include RIMPA accredited University Courses – (refer to RIMPA web page for details of accredited courses), non-accredited University courses relating to the industry, VET training and formally conducted short courses usually held outside of the workplace which require assessment. For example, Project Management Courses.

This category also includes courses offered by RIMPA aligned partners such as Institute of Managers and Leaders, Australian Society of Archivists (ASA) and InfoGov ANZ.

Category 1 Type

CPD Points

Maximum Points Yearly

RIMPA Accredited University/Tertiary Courses

1 CPD point per 5 hours of onsite or online study

Maximum of 25 points in one year

Non-accredited University Courses related to the records & information industry

1 CPD point per 10 hours of onsite or online study

Maximum of 20 points per year

VET Training related to the records and information industry

1 CPD point per 10 hours of onsite or online study

Maximum of 20 points per year

RIMPA Partners and Alliance Courses

1 CPD point per 10 hours of onsite or online study

Maximum of 15 points per year


Category 2: Informal Training and Education

Informal training and education refers to various activities which include workplace training courses, systems/ eDRMS training, webinars, video conferencing and RIMPA You Tube session viewing. It also refers to private study such as the reading of books, journals, manuals, etc. Activities claimed must contribute to the development of your career as a professional Records and Information Management practitioner.

Category 2 Type

CPD Points

Maximum Points Yearly

Workplace Training Courses

1 CPD point per course


Systems/eDRMS Training

1 CPD point per course



2 CPD points per webinar


Video Conferences

1 CPD point per video conference


RIMPA YouTube Sessions

2 CPD points per session


Reading of books, professional journals and manuals

1 CPD point per book our journal/manual

Maximum of 5 CPD points per year


Category 3: Conferences and Meetings

Conferences, symposiums, seminars, summits, workshops, breakfast and lunch event, inspections and meetings run by experts can be claimed as CPD provided that the content relates to the development of your professional career. This includes those events run by RIMPA, Professional Institutes, Associations, Societies, professional conference groups, records and information management vendors or other groups which provide information relating to the profession of records and information management.

Category 3 Type

CPD Points

1/2 day conference, seminar, workshop, meeting 

2 CPD points

Full day conference, seminar, workshop, meeting

5 CPD points

Two day conference, symposium or seminar

8 CPD points

Three day conference, symposium or summit (not including RIMPA Live)

12 CPD points

RIMPA Live - National Convention

24 CPD points


Category 4: Presentations, Papers and Training

The preparation and presentation of material for conferences, seminars, symposiums, workshops and courses can be claimed if these activities contribute to the records and information management profession. This category also includes material published in professional journals such as IQ, IDM, etc.

Papers and published material can refer to all aspects of the records and information management profession including those areas which support the profession indirectly such as leadership, change management, project management, marketing, etc.


Category 4 Type

CPD Points

Development of short presentation material (no exceeding 90 minutes)

4 CPD points

Deliver of short presentation (not exceeding 90 minutes)

6 CPD points

Development of workshop or training material (must exceed 90 minutes)

6 CPD points

Deliver of workshops or training (must not exceed 90 minutes)

8 CPD points

Development and publication of material for professional journals (not IQ)

10 CPD points

Development and publication of material for IQ

12 CPD points

Publications of articles in RIMPA Newsletter

4 CPD points


Category 5: Profession Service Activities

Service to the profession is an important contribution for both you as an individual and the profession as a whole. The services provided by member volunteers are what allow RIMPA to operate effectively and remain in touch with the membership.

The activities that can be claimed include:

  • Contribution as IQ Reviewer

  • Reviewer of RIMPA Governance Documents

  • Reviewer of technical papers prior to publication

  • Member of a course accreditation team,

  • Participation in CPD audits

  • Board Member Meetings

  • Board Weekly Activities

  • GABA Meetings

  • Sub Committees of Records and Information Management Professionals. (such as IT21 Standards or local archive office groups)

  • State Branch Meetings

  • Branch weekly activities

  • Chapter Meetings

  • Chapter weekly activities

  • New Professional Program Meetings

  • Mentoring (RIMPA informal and formal programs)

  • Reviewer of Documents (IQ, governance, technical, etc)

Category 5 Type

CPD Points

Reviewer of Document (IQ, governance, technical, etc)

4 CPD points for each document

Course accreditation

4 CPD points for accreditation

CPD Audits

4 CPD points per audit

Board Meetings

6 CPD points per meeting in attendance
3 CPD points per teleconference

Board Activities (includes general Board responsibilities on a weekly basis)

10 CPD points annually

GABA Meetings

2 CPD points per meeting
Note: Refer to Reviewer of governance documents for CPD points associated with GABA Functions

Branch Meetings

2 CPD points per meeting in attendance
1 CPD point per teleconference

Branch Activities (includes general Board responsibilities on a weekly basis)

5 CPD points annual

Chapter Meetings

2 CPD points per meeting in attendance
1 CPD point per teleconference

Chapter Activities (includes general Board responsibilities on a weekly basis)

5 CPD points annual

New Professionals Meetings

2 CPD points per meeting in attendance


5 CPD points per informal mentee
12 CPD points per formal mentee


Category 6: Industry Involvement

Refers to records and information management practitioners who are employed in academic or consultant positions who contribute to the industry and or RIMPA which link to education, research and practice. This includes persons who write and publish books, sponsor or participate in research projects and or publish practice documents.

Category 6 Type

CPD Points

Book Publication

20 CPD points

Research Projects

20 CPD points per year

Practice White Papers

15 CPD points



It is up to you as a professional member to ensure that your CPD activities are recorded within the member’s area
of the RIMPA website.

Members who attend events which are organized by RIMPA will automatically have CPD points allocated. Non RIMPA events and other category activities will require you to go in and select the category and activity and the right number of points will be allocated. In August of each year, you will receive an electronic certificate to confirm that you have achieved the required CPD Points.

For further information regarding the CPD program please feel free to call the RIMPA Office on 1800 242611 or contact the admin team


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