Ethical Practice

Due to a high level of public trust, RIMPA’s members have an abiding obligation to operate ethically while serving the community and employers. The ethical practice entails:

  • Protect accountability 

  • Protect and promote the public interest

  • Preserve records of continuing value

  • Maintain integrity at all times

  • Protect rights and privileged information

  • Support equitable and appropriate access to information

  • Maintain objectivity and independence 

  • Competently administer duties

  • Satisfy employer and client responsibilities 

  • Promote recordkeeping and information management.

Members Code of Professional Conduct and Practice 

RIMPA requires its members to observe the highest standards of professional conduct and ethical behaviour. The conduct of each member reflects upon the records and information management profession and upon RIMPA’s membership. By maintaining the standards set out in the Member Code of Professional Conduct and Practice (the Code), members enhance their standing as industry professionals and increase public confidence in the profession.

The Code sets out the appropriate standard of professional conduct expected from all members. The Code should be read in conjunction with RIMPA’s Statement of Ethical Practice.