RIMPA Community

Our RIMPA Community

We are excited to announce that RIMPA has launched a new online forum: RIMPA Community! 

We know the value that RIMPA members place on networking and educational opportunities throughout the year.  To build on that value, we are excited to enter into this new phase of member communications by providing you all with an environment to connect, engage and share industry information and best practices in real time. 

RIMPA Community is the new term for what many of us used to know as the Listserv. RIMPA Community will provide you with more than just emails back and forth as did the previous Listserv, you will also be able to:

  • Set up small secured communities where you can converse with a selected group of people: Download the checklist here to Create a RIMPA Community 

  • Opt in and out of selected topics or conversation chains

  • Select daily, live or weekly notifications of conversations

  • Have access to online resource libraries of previous communications to be used when studying, writing business cases, preparing presentations, etc.

  • Share attachments

There are a few simple steps to get you started: 


First Time Users

  • The very first time you login to the site, you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions. You must scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "I Agree" button in order to use the site and interact with the community.

  • Update your privacy and subscription settings in the "My Settings" area. The top right of the screen will show your Profile.

  • Ask a question of your peers. It's super simple to do, just start a discussion here. Since the site is moderated, no spam or marketing messages will be accepted through the system. In a nutshell, a post must add to the body of knowledge for the community. If it does not, it'll likely be rejected. 

  • By default, you are subscribed to the Open Forum in the Daily Digest, which means you'll receive no more than one email message each weekday morning that will contain all of the previous day's postings, starting as of tomorrow morning! (Monday's digest will include the postings made Friday-Sunday.) If you wish to, change your subscription settings head to your profile and choose 'My Account' then ‘Community Notifications’. 

  • Feel free to investigate the new RIMPA Community and navigate to the Help/FAQ Page for tips and tricks to help your experience with our new community platform!

We hope you enjoy this new member benefit!

Non-RIMPA Members

Would you like to join in on industry related discussions, share ideas and seek colleague advice? RIMPA have introduced a new membership where you have access to the RIMPA Community. 
The RIMPA Community only membership is available to you at no cost.

*Please note: This membership does not include any additional RIMPA Membership privileges including discounted prices to events,  website access, communications and IQ. It will only allow you to take part in RIMPA Community discussions.