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RIMPA SA Branch Newsletter – November 2019 – Paul Fechner

Monday 18, Nov 2019

RIMPA SA Branch Newsletter – November 2019 – Paul Fechner

I was fortunate and honoured to attend the Southern Hemispheres largest gathering of Records and Information Management (RIM) Professionals in Melbourne last month at #RIMPALive.

There were many highlights at the conference and in this article I wanted to share a few special and meaningful ones from my home state (South Australia) and the local RIMPA Branch.

Kristen Keley and Helen Onopko were recognised on the night for outstanding contributions to the RIM industry with RIMPA life memberships being bestowed upon them. I’ve had the pleasure to work with both of these great individuals and they really have influenced my career to date – a personal thank you Kristen and Helen.

Matthew Fry was a very worthy and inaugural winner of the Bernadette Bean South Australian Records Management Service Excellence Award. The runners-up of the 2019 service excellence were the District Council of Loxton Waikerie Records Officer Helen Roberts and Executive Assistant Tanya Cregan. Congratulations to the 3 of you as you are a credit to the industry and your employers.

I also pay special tribute to the BB Award Committee who started something that should have been around for years…….recognition for the incredible work that is done in the RIM industry in South Australia on a very regular basis. It’s a ‘tuff gig’ most of the time in our profession and its often not recognised for the important role it plays in our various organisations, but I and many others will persist to improve on the managing and usage of our very important informational assets……….we’re onto it!

On a personal note it was an honour to be upgraded to a Certified Chartered Professional Member of RIMPA. The RIMPA Family of Professionals has been the catalyst in improving and enhancing me and my profession and it was an absolute pleasure for us to see people we haven’t see for years, establish new friendships and just share our experiences and knowledge.

I often say …..’no one person knows everything so let’s learn and collaborate with each other to better this beautiful world of ours’. The new criteria for RIMPA’s upgrades that’s based on National Archives of Australia’s information and data capabilities was a good reality check and refresh for me to make sure I do keep up to date with my professional knowledge.

Below is an extract I wanted to add when I put a lot of this newsletter information on my LinkedIn profile and just wanted to share with you all.

  • Don’t think for one second that we (Records & Information Management Professionals) ‘skip into work’ wanting to file physical records in the basement all day……..I and many of my peers have one eye on the past, one eye, our hands, brains and knowledge firmly focused on the present and the future…..!!!  Artificial intelligence, data architecture, blockchain, governance, cybersecurity, O365 etc interest me and many others in my profession……we haven’t been ‘just about paper’ for many decades…..!!!

2 SA events coming up in November

On 21st November the SA RIMPA Branch are proud to present Reigning in the horse - Managing the risks of non compliance.

We’re very much looking forward to seeing as many members and non-members at this event as it’s going to tackle many current and thought provoking topics along with an innovative Geoffrey Robertson style hypothetical Plus from 3 – 5 we will be having our EOY celebrations with drinks and canapes.

Plans are already in place to bring back South Australia’s Premier Digital Event in May 2020……..more 

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Kristen Keley receiving her

RIMPA Life membership in July of this year


Paul Fechner MRIM

Steve Childs, Matthew Fry, Wendy Fewsdale


Matthew Fry, Helen Onopko Bonita Kennedy and Paul Fechner

Group photo of some of the SA contingent L to R – Anethea Ulvestad, Helen Onopko, Matthew Fry, Donna-Maree Findlay, Kelly Daniel, Deanna Nikolettos, Bonita Kennedy and RIMPA’s new mascot ‘OwlMember’