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MEDIA RELEASE: Recent Tragedies Highlight the Importance of Document Preservation

Tuesday 07, Jan 2020

Recent Tragedies Highlight the Importance of Document Preservation

The recent bush fires that have ravaged towns across Australia, have left many struggling to save their homes and valuable items in the midst of natural disaster.
It has been heartbreaking to hear of those who have been impacted, losing significant family keepsakes and memories.

During states of emergency it is often overlooked that some of the most important items to salvage are personal documentation and records.

Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia (RIMPA) has been leading the charge in maintenance and protection of personal and business records, helping in the prevention or reduction in loss of important information.

RIMPA’s Personal Preservation and Recovery Plan (PPRP) is a tool that everyone, regardless of record keeping experience, should consider.

Anne Cornish, General Manager of RIMPA, explains the importance of considering PPRP in preparation for the worst.

“We have created a personal records checklist that can be referred to , to ensure that items such as identity, family, financial, legal and property records are not destroyed and kept safe and accessible in the case of an emergency” said Cornish.

“In addition to this, storage and safe keeping of these documents is also an important factor to consider, such as saving items to the cloud and storing documents in a fire proof safe,

“By taking these simple precautions people will not be burdened with tracking down and recreating every important document that affects their life, property and family” said Cornish.

RIMPA will be further contributing to the fire-stricken communities by offering advice and assistance for businesses and families who have lost or have damaged records and information.

A group of RIMPA volunteers across Australia will be assisting with document recovery, hotline services, onsite assessments, offsite storage and general advice.

Download your copy of the PPRP


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