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MOG Changes Ahead (By Queensland State Archives)

Friday 20, Nov 2020

In paper-heavy times, it was somewhat easier (although very labour intensive) to be able to literally pick up the records that were to be transferred to another agency and move them.

This is a fairly simplistic overview of a complicated process, but the act of picking up a physical ‘thing’ and moving it somewhere lets you feel like you’ve completed the task.

In a hybrid digital and paper world (which is how we all operate now), things are significantly more complicated. Not only do we still have to do the heavy lifting, we also have to find, pick up and move digital records and information.

To try and make things easier for anyone going through a MOG, we’ve got a few words of wisdom for you in our MOG blog post #729 (certainly feels like post no.729) and have also simplified our MOG advice.

This new advice is quite different to what we’ve provided before, so we’d love to hear what you think about it. You can send your feedback to