If you are in need of assistance with recovering damaged documents/records due to the recent bushfires we have a group of volunteers who are willing to help. 

Our volunteers will be assisting with the following:

  • Phone hotline service on how to replace lost records such as passports, birth certificates, contracts etc.

  • Phone hotline service to advise how to save fire, smoke or water damaged records.

  • Onsite assessments of lost records for local businesses.

  • Assisting local businesses in retrieving and saving fire, smoke or water damaged records.

  • Offering offsite storage for records during clean-up process.

  • Providing email advice on how to protect family and business records for future disasters/risk mitigation.

For email advice contact us on admin@rimpa.com.au 

For the phone hotline call us on 1800 242 611 

Personal Preservation and Recovery Plan 

Personal Continuity Plan - Detailed