Course Accreditation & Recognition

Course Accreditation and Recognition

Having certified and accredited training courses for members and the community, ensure the standard of professional development aligns with the approach for the industry.  
In providing this opportunity, RIMPA enables academic institutions and training providers to apply for formal RIMPA recognition of their courses without excessive expenditure of time, effort or cost.  For members and the community, by obtaining qualifications from an accredited and recognised course provides the ability to fast track their upgrade to professional membership of the Association.

RIMPA’s course recognition program has three major objectives:

  • To enable academic institutions to apply for formal RIMPA recognition of their courses 

  • To provide such institutions with the opportunity to test their course curricula against RIMPA expertise and knowledge of ‘best practice’, ISO Standard for Records Management 15489 and the Australian Standard AS 4390, adapting as appropriate to the various levels of competence described in the National Records and Archives Competency Standards

  • To establish a measure by which to identify specific qualifications which may be used in determining professional status for members of the Association.

How to apply for Accreditation 

To apply to have a records and information management course accredited and recognised, follow the below: 

  1. Conduct a self-assessment of the course against the Statement of Knowledge for Recordkeeping Professionals to determine its compliance

  2. Complete the Course Recognition Application form

  3. Submit your Course Recognition Application along with supporting information.  

Once all information has been provided, the RIMPA Accreditation Board will assess the information provided to determine the outcome. If the nominated course is accredited the course will be added to the website as an accredited training course, advertising for the course will be provided at the RIMPA Live RIMPA Education Stand.  Furthermore, this recognition can become part of official and/or promotional communications from your organisation.

For more information on the course accreditation process contact the admin team