Life Membership is given to a member as recognition of their dedication and continued support to RIMPA and for their commitment to professional membership.

Nominees for Life Membership must be a current financial member of RIMPA and hold professional status. Life Membership may be bestowed upon a member at any time and it is not linked with a members retirement from the industry. A member can be nominated by a member of the RIMPA Board.

Members who receive Life Membership are no longer required to pay membership fees nor complete CPD.

Life Members are announced at the Gala Awards held during RIMPA Live.

To view the Life Membership criteria and to access the nomination form, click here.

Rebbell Barnes Life FRIM
Julie Apps Life FRIM
John Behrens Life ARIM
Meryl Bourke Life MRIM
Stephanie Ciempka-Kaufhold Life MRIM
Christopher Colwell Life FRIM
Anne Cornish Life MRIM
Jennifer Curley Life ARIM
Graham Dudley Life ARIM
Judith Ellis Life MRIM
Paul Fechner Life MRIM
Chris Fripp Life FRIM
John Goodell Life ARIM
Robert Harris Life ARIM
Tina Howard Life ARIM
Thomas Kaufhold Life MRIM
Kristen Keley Life MRIM
Bonita Kennedy ARIM
Arthur Langford-Smith Life ARIM
Mike Leigh Life MRIM

Tom Lovett Life FRIM
Kate McCarthy Life ARIM
David Moldrich Life FRIM
Trish O'Kane Life MRIM
Helen Onopko Life ARIM
Margaret Pember Life FRIM
Debra Prout Life MRIM
David Pryde Life MRIM
Veronica Pumpa Life  MRIM
Lisa Read White Life FRIM
Barbara Reed Life FRIM
Jill Saunders Life ARIM
Joy Siller Life ARIM
John Sim Life MRIM
Chris Simpson Life MRIM
Peter Smith Life FRIM
Gary Somerville Life ARIM
Mike Steemson Life ARIM
Brigitte Stephens Life ARIM
Philip Taylor Life MRIM
Ross Thomspon life ARIM