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“Give a man a fish and you feed him for the day; teach a man to fish and feed him for an entire lifetime” Join RIMPA's mentoring program today!

Free Mentoring Program For Members

RIMPA Global offer a member only free mentoring program to assist records professionals at any stage of their career to increase skills and knowledge. 

Like they say “Give a man a fish and you feed him for the day; teach a man to fish and feed him for an entire lifetime”

In addition, the program aspires to provide both mentors and mentees with a long-term colleague with whom they can share issues and successes. A mentoring relationship is built on trust, in which there is an exchange of knowledge, experience and goodwill. The program is designed to provide mentees with the best matched mentor who can provide advice and skills in areas identified for improvement. The focus is on the development of the mentee’s capacity, rather than just handing down advice or solutions.

The program is planned and monitored in relation to agreed learning outcomes as established and agreed upon by both mentor and mentee. An individual mentor plan is developed at the commencement of the program and used to assess and measure the success of the program both in the middle and at the end of each program.

Mentees can undertake six or twelve month programs and will be assigned a mentor who is able to commit to the desired duration.

Mentoring Benefits

The benefits of the RIMPA Mentoring Program include:

  1. Learning from skilled mentors to reach your personal goals

  2. Increase your skills and knowledge

  3. Expand your networking reach

  4. Increase your profile in the records management industry

  5. Identify and plan self-development

  6. Share new ideas

  7. Receive articulate knowledge

  8. Develop professional confidence

  9. Reflection of your own experiences

Mentee’s can select from over 30 experienced mentors who hold a range of skills varying in both technical and professional aspects of our careers. 

Mentor skills include all aspects of records and information management in addition to data management, information governance, leadership and management, information architecture, content management, knowledge management, change management, stakeholder management and the list goes on. 

Mentor Program Deliverables

The RIMPA Mentoring Program provides each mentee:

  • Initial orientation session between mentor and mentee to determine compatibility, capability and agreed objectives

  • Mentee individual mentor plan - To determine activities that ensure mentoring goals are met. The mentee will complete the plan with help from the mentor

  • Phone and email access to your mentors as required throughout the agreed subscription period.

  • Assessment and editing of up to four documents developed by mentee’s relating to their role objectives

  • Provision of additional resource material outside of that offered on the RIMPA members website

Mentor Program Evaluation

  • At the mid- point of the program (6 weeks, 3 or 6 months after commencement) mentees and mentors will complete a mid-point evaluation interview with RIMPA central office staff.

  • Overall program evaluation between mentor and mentee

  • Follow-up evaluation three months after the completion of the program to measure the success of the program

  • Mentor graduation ceremony to be held in conjunction with the annual RIMPA Live Convention

I particularly see great value in mentoring and firm believer that is one of the best tools for career development.

Patricia Cardoso

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Meet the Mentors

Adam Bullock
Chris Foley
Colin Price
Craig McGowan
David Fricker
David Moldrich
Garry Valenzisi
Jacob Koshy
Jacqui Tyler
Jade Reed
Jill Jones
Matt O'Mara
Michael George
Nicole Thorne-Vicatos
Pamela Gonzalez
Paula Trcek
Robert Fung
Ruth Butcher
Sandra Pickett
Vicki Bennett

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