iQ Article of the Year

The iQ Article of the Year award was introduced in 2004 to promote and recognise quality written contributions to RIMPA’s quarterly publication, the iQ Magazine.

Nominations for the COA award 2024 iQ Article of the Year covers the preceding 12 months of publication and eligible articles will be garnered from the following issues for the 2024 award season: 

  • Issue 3: September 2023 
  • Issue 4: December 2023 
  • Issue 1: March 2024 
  • Issue 2: July 2024 


  • Only articles authored by RIMPA Global Members can progress to Gate 1
  • Only articles that are original and have not been previously published in another publication can progress to Gate 1

Gate 1

  • iQ subscribers will be sent a survey on the eligible articles from each issue
  • iQ subscribers will select their favourite article based on:
    • Article was engaging
    • Article was informative
    • Article captured the reader  
  • The top five articles that receive the most votes will progress to Gate 2

Gate 1 closes 12 July 2024. 

Gate 2

  • The judging committee will score each shortlisted article, considering the below, using a merit-based assessment
    • Engaging - the title grabs the readers attention, the introduction makes the reader want to keep reading and the article is easy to read and absorb the key concepts
    • Informative - shows the author has developed an original idea/concept and expands on the current industry trends and the article references evidence from an external source or sources
    • Knowledgeable - the article shows the author has an in-depth understanding of the topic and the article has a balance of both fact and opinion that supports the topic presented

2024 Winner

To be announced at the Black Tie Gala Dinner and Awards night at RIMPA Live 2024!

Previous Winners

2023: Realising the Full Potential of IM in Governance, Linda Shave FRIM

2022: Who's History is it anyway?, Dr Frank Golding OAM

2021: The Precondition to Humanising AI - Common Sense Knowledge, Keith Darlington sponsored by Iron Mountain

2020: PROV Map Warper: The Online Tool Built Through Knowledge Sharing, Natasha Cantwell sponsored by Iron Mountain

2019: To Digitise or not to Digitise: a millenial's perspective, Susannah Tindall ARIM sponsored by Iron Mountain

2018: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle, Lynda Leigh ARIM sponsored by Iron Mountain

2017: How to Reloate Your Records Successfully, Molly Ap-Thomas sponsored by Iron Mountain

2016: Wy You Need to Think Differently About Information Management, Alyssa Blackburn sponsored by Recall

2015: Setting up a Successful RM Department, Kylie Welch sponsored by Recall

2014: We Need That in Paper...or do we?, Kate Cumming sponsored by Recall

2013: The Changing Landscape of Information and Records Management, Linda Shave FRIM sponsored by Recall

2012: How to Rebrand Records Management to Encourage Support and Collaboration, Janet Knight and Kate Cumming sponsored by Recall

2011: Gordon Ramsay and Alphabet Soup - The Future of Recordkeeping is Simple, Allen Hancock sponsored by Objective

2010: Walking the Tightrope: some simple soilutions to capturing instant messaging as corporate records, Allison Hunter sponsored by Objective

2009: Making RIM Relevant, Paula Smith sponsored by Objective

2008: First Aid for Records, Allen Hancock sponsored by Objective

2007: Developing a Sector-Wide General Disposal Authority: A District Health Boards of New Zealand Case Study, Amanda Cossham and Kerri Siatiras sponsored by Objective

2006: Palm Island: Recordkeeping and Accountability, Elisabeth Wheeler sponsored by Objective

2005: The Worldwide Impact of ISO 15489, Mike Steemson sponsored by Objective

2004: Highly Commended Certificate - Making DIRKS Work, Stephen Macintosh sponsored by Objective