Why Advertise with RIMPA Global?

In the dynamic landscape of records and information management, strategic advertising is key to unlocking opportunities and expanding your brand's reach. RIMPA Global provides a spectrum of advertising options, each carefully designed to cater to the unique needs of your organisation.

Whether you are aiming for essential exposure or seeking ultimate visibility, our advertising solutions offer unparalleled access to a diverse community of over 3,300 professionals. Explore the possibilities and choose the avenue that aligns seamlessly with your goals, connecting you directly with decision-makers, thought leaders, and practitioners in the records, information, and data management sectors.

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IM NOW Newsletter

Connect Directly: Reach professionals through our go-to resource, the IM NOW Newsletter.

Latest Updates: Showcase your brand alongside industry updates, job listings, and events.

Diverse Reach: Engage with a diverse audience, from C-suite executives to analysts and consultants.

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iQ Magazine

Industry Leadership: Position your brand as a leader with a feature in iQ Magazine.

Global Recognition: Reach a global readership with peer-reviewed articles and case studies.

Credibility Boost: Gain recognition and credibility within the information management field.

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Social Media Posts 

Fortify Recognition: Leverage our social media channels to fortify brand recognition.

Industry Expertise: Disseminate industry expertise and encourage professional synergy.

Global Networking: Expand networking avenues and foster collaboration on a global scale.



EDM (Email Direct Marketing) 

Maximum Exposure: Ensure maximum exposure with a dedicated promotional email.

Tiered Readership: Capture diverse readership tiers with product launches, events, or updates.

Comprehensive Impact: Maximize impact with exclusive visibility across all professional levels.

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Webinars—60 and 30-Minute Options

Flexible Presentations: Tailor your content with flexible webinar options, from case studies to demonstrations.

Build Credibility: Showcase expertise, build credibility, and generate leads in a focused setting.

Sponsorship Impact: Connect with a targeted audience through sponsorship for unparalleled exposure.



Online 90-Minute Roundtable 

Dynamic Engagement: Foster dynamic engagement in an interactive roundtable setting.

Meaningful Conversations: Create meaningful conversations with subject-matter experts.

Direct Access: Get direct access to a captive audience, fostering innovation and industry relationships.

Amplify Your Presence with an Advertising Bundle

At RIMPA Global, we understand the importance of tailored marketing strategies that align with your brand's goals. That's why we offer two distinct advertising bundles designed to suit your unique needs. Choose between our Essential Exposure Bundle and Ultimate Visibility Bundle, each crafted to maximise your brand's impact within the records, information, and data management professions.

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Essential Exposure Bundle

Maximise your brand's visibility with our curated advertising essentials:

  • 30-Minute Webinar: Engage our audience with a focused presentation.
  • iQ Advertorial: Feature your brand in our esteemed iQ Magazine.
  • Newsletter Ad: Reach members directly through the IM NOW Newsletter.
  • Social Post: Leverage our social media platforms for increased visibility.
  • Business Directory Inclusion: Enhance your presence with a listing in our directory.

Total Value: $3600

Purchase Price: $2800

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Ultimate Visibility Bundle

For unparalleled brand exposure and a comprehensive marketing approach, choose our Ultimate Visibility Bundle. This package includes:

  • 60-Minute Webinar: Showcase your expertise with an extended presentation.
  • Exclusive Promotional Email (EDM): Capture our diverse readership with a dedicated email.
  • iQ Full-Page Ad: Position your brand as an industry leader in iQ Magazine.
  • Social Post: Amplify your reach through our social media channels.
  • Newsletter Ad: Connect directly with professionals through our IM NOW Newsletter.
  • Business Directory Inclusion: Strengthen your presence with a directory listing.

Total Value: $6000

Purchase Price: $4500

Contact us to purchase and customise your advertising strategy for maximum impact on your target audience.

Download Our Media Kit

Explore the numerous advertising opportunities with RIMPA Global by downloading our comprehensive Media Kit. Gain insights into the diverse channels we offer and the valuable exposure your brand can achieve within the records, information, and data management sectors.

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Discover the perfect advertising package for your organisation, from essential exposure to ultimate visibility. The Media Kit provides detailed information on each advertising option, including the IM NOW Newsletter, iQ Magazine, Social Media Posts, Exclusive Promotional Emails (EDM), Webinars, and the innovative 90-Minute Roundtable.

Choose the bundle that suits your objectives and budget, and take the first step towards connecting with a global audience of over 3,300 professionals and organisations.

For further enquiries or to discuss customised advertising solutions, feel free to contact us.