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Managing Information Legislation Australia (MILA) is your comprehensive compliance companion, tailored to address the complexities of information management legislation. Uniquely designed, MILA provides a robust repository of acts and regulations from all Australian jurisdictions, facilitating a clear understanding of what records need to be maintained, their retention period, and the consequences of non-compliance.

This innovative platform offers in-depth interpretations of each piece of legislation, empowering you to make informed decisions. MILA's user-friendly interface and rapid search capabilities ensure quick access to critical information, enabling efficient compliance management. By leveraging MILA, you streamline compliance efforts, minimise risks, and bolster your business's competitive edge.


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Stay Informed; Stay Compliant

Recent increase in data breaches underscore the critical need for robust record-keeping. Proper documentation and compliance with legislation could have minimised these breaches' impact. MILA empowers businesses with comprehensive guidelines, aiding in the establishment of secure information management protocols.

By staying informed and compliant, businesses can significantly reduce the risk of data breaches. Proactive record-keeping isn't just about compliance; it's a proactive defence against reputation and financial risks. MILA fortifies businesses against vulnerabilities, safeguarding against potential data breaches.

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Why Choose MILA:

MILA stands out as your ultimate solution for managing information legislation. Here's why:

Comprehensive Legislative Coverage:

  • MILA hosts a vast repository of acts and regulations from all Australian jurisdictions, ensuring you're well-informed on compliance requirements.

Timely Updates and Interpretations:

  • Stay ahead with regular updates and in-depth interpretations of legislation, guiding you on record-keeping necessities, duration, and penalties for non-compliance.

Streamlined Record Retention:

  • Gain insights on optimising record retention for reliability and cost-effectiveness, reducing the complexities of compliance management.

Ongoing Support and Global Presence:

  • Benefit from constant support and a global network of subscribers spanning various countries and industries, aiding organisations worldwide for over 30 years.

Efficiency and Ease of Use:

  • MILA's user-friendly interface and rapid search capabilities ensure quick access to critical information, streamlining compliance management.

RIMPA Membership Advantage:

  • Additionally, adding a RIMPA Global membership grants you access to a community of professionals, industry events, and resources.

When you choose MILA, you're choosing a comprehensive, user-friendly, and globally trusted platform that streamlines compliance efforts, minimises risks, and empowers your business with compliance excellence.

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