RIMPA Global Ambassadors act as the members' voice from locations around the globe to support and promote RIMPA Global’s vision and objectives.

Key responsibilities of an Ambassador includes:
  • Advocacy – Local understanding and knowledge
  • Identification of Opportunities – new members, new partners, new trends, new vendors
  • Collecting Intelligence – the best local venues, presenters, industry movements, etc
  • Promoting RIMPA Global – participating in non-RIMPA events to further extend the RIMPA Family
  • Member Engagement – Attending events, updating members and providing advice
  • Stakeholder Management – improving the vendor experience within RIMPA

Global Ambassadors 

Stephen Clarke MRIM
David Fricker
Pinakeen Shah
Jacqueline Stockwell

Local Ambassdors

Carolyn Hartman MRIM
Cheryl Emin
Daniel Wong
Debbie Cutts MBA, FRIM
Dianne Colls
Dr Bethany Sinclair-Giardini MRIM
Giovanni Forero
Jade Reed ARIM
Jade White
John Cox
Joy Siller Life ARIM
Julie Carpenter MRIM
Karl Melrose
Nicole Thorne-Vicatos ARIM
Peter Gaca ARIM
Rebbell Barnes Life MRIM
Samantha Ping-Nam
Sandra Ennor ARIM
Sheryl Mapp ARIM