Did the pandemic become a catalyst for Cloud computing which might have led to the creation of another wave of the digital revolution? Maybe.

Most organisations capitalised on cloud computing as it became necessary for team members to work from home. Cloud computing came in handy in providing access to data, and the internet. A lot of costs were cut in terms of technical infrastructure.

Cloud computing is growing rapidly and as much as it is attractive as a business proposition, we all need to understand how it works and the risks involved before proceeding.

Let us take you through the journey of understanding what Cloud Computing is, deployment models, implementation strategy, planning and cloud governance.


At the end of this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Understand the overview of Cloud Computing
  • Describe what Cloud computing is
  • Discover the five Characteristics of Cloud Computing
  • Describe the Cloud Deployment Models.
  • Define Cloud Delivery Models
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Cloud Implementation Strategy, Cloud Implementation Planning and Cloud Governance
  • Understand Cloud Outsourcing Arrangements and Contract 
Carolyn Hartman

Carolyn Hartman

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