This workshop helps in managing information in educational institutions effectively. It will help you to bring together information creation and management, support decision-making, manage risk and be compliant.

Participants will learn relevant policies, frameworks, and procedures to implement best practices that would lead to efficiency and productivity in educational institutions.


At the end of this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Define information governance
  • Clarify what an information governance program should include
  • Identify information as an asset
  • Provide an overview of risk management and mitigating risks
  • Differentiate between governance and management
  • Understand the importance of information governance in educational institutions
  • Define key elements of data security and protection
  • Know the elements of information governance
  • Understand how to prepare an information governance plan
Petá Sweeney FRIM

Petá Sweeney FRIM

Information and Content Specialist, RIMPA Global

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