11 Jun 2024

Crossroads: Horn to Home

Calling All History Enthusiasts! Join the Journey to Preserve African Diaspora Heritage!

We stand on the threshold of the 40th anniversary of two momentous flights from Cairo to Melbourne and invite you to be part of an extraordinary endeavor. Crossroads: Horn to Home is a project that documents and celebrates the rich tapestry of African diaspora history in Australia. The goal? To deepen our collective understanding of Africans who have made this land their home.

In 1984, the skies witnessed a remarkable migration—a journey that would forever shape the Australian landscape. The Horners, the first Black African refugees to arrive on our shores, carried with them stories of resilience, hope, and cultural vibrancy. Their footsteps echoed through the corridors of time, leaving an indelible mark on our nation. Now is the time to document that journey.

The project aims to weave these narratives into a digital tapestry—a living archive that transcends borders and generations and RIMPA members have been invited to assist. Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Digitisation: recommendations for scanning solutions, development of technical specifications and metadata standard, assistance scanning physical photographs including quality checking.  Every image tells a story waiting to be heard.
  • Open Archival Solution: share experience and examples of best practice archival products, advice on solution requirements, solution assessment, configuration, implementation and testing, metadata to enhance search and discovery solutions.  The system will unearth hidden gems that shed light on the Horners’ experiences.
  • Document and catalogue: advice and assistance with collection management, acquisition, ingest, data entry.  Dive into historical records, newspapers and personal accounts.
  • Preservation: share experience and examples of best practice long-term physical and digital archive storage including digital preservation resources, tool and strategies. The stories and memories are the threads that bind us across time and generations.

The project culminates in a breathtaking art exhibition—a fusion of past and present, tradition and innovation. Imagine walking through a space adorned with stories of courage, resilience, and the beauty of cultural diversity.

Join Crossroads: Horn to Home

RIMPA members have the privilege of contributing to this amazing project.  Whether you’re an amateur historian, a tech-savvy archivist, or simply passionate about preserving heritage, we need you! Your skills, time, and dedication can make a difference.

Reach out to the project coordinator Aysha Tea here.  Together, we’ll build bridges between the past and the future.

Remember: The Horners’ legacy is not just theirs—it belongs to all of us. Let’s honor it, celebrate it, and ensure it thrives for generations to come.