07 Feb 2024

Compu-Stor Join RIMPA Global as 2024 Platinum Industry Partner

We'd like to welcome Compu-Stor as one of our esteemed Platinum Partners for 2024! Compu-Stor, who will be embarking on their fourth year of supporting RIMPA Global, has been an invaluable contributor to our shared mission of advancing the records and information management profession.

Here's what Compu-Stor had to say about our partnership:

"Compu-Stor is privileged to be a Platinum Industry Partner of RIMPA during this exciting and continued evolution. Our association with the RIMPA allows Compu-Stor to gain industry insights to ensure our services continue to be of relevance in the Records and Information Management industry. Compu-Stor is proud of the relationships we have built from being a sponsor, and we look forward to fostering those relationships in the coming year."

Throughout these four years, Compu-Stor's support has played a pivotal role in aiding RIMPA Global in fulfilling its mission for our members.

As we celebrate our partnership, we'd like to thank Compu-Stor for their unwavering support, which allows RIMPA Global to continue offering invaluable resources, programs, and events to our members.