07 Feb 2024

EzeScan Joins RIMPA Global as 2024 Platinum Industry Partner

EzeScan is joining us in 2024 as a Platinum Industry Partner! We'd like to thank EzeScan for their continued support as they enter their sixth year of RIMPA Global patronage.

Here are some words from the team at EzeScan on why they chose to continue their partnership:

"EzeScan is proud to continue its longstanding partnership with RIMPA Global in 2024, marking five years of collaborative success. This strategic collaboration arises from a shared vision for advancing records and information management in today's dynamic landscape. RIMPA Global's reputation as a pioneering force in the industry aligns seamlessly with EzeScan's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for document capture and workflow automation. By joining forces, we aim to leverage our collective expertise to drive innovation, foster knowledge exchange, and contribute to the evolution of records and information management practices."

Through this five-year journey, EzeScan's support has been instrumental in enabling RIMPA Global to fulfil its mission for our members. 

As we celebrate our partnership, we extend our thanks to EzeScan for their ongoing support, which empowers RIMPA Global to continue providing valuable resources, programs, and events for our members. To learn more about EzeScan and what they have in store for you in 2024, watch the video below: