08 Nov 2023

New Digital Asset Registers Project from The National Archives (UK) and the DPC

The National Archives (UK) and the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) are delighted to announce that they will be working together on a new project to develop guidance for creating Digital Asset Registers.

The guidance is being delivered as part of The National Archives' new strategy for building digital skills and capacity in the UK archives sector, Our Digital Century. Head of Archive Sector Leadership at The National Archives, Tina Morton, said, “We believe that having an effective digital asset register plays a key role in helping the archive sector to improve the management of digital records."

Head of Workforce Development with the DPC, Sharon McMeekin said, "Digital asset registers are a cornerstone of digital preservation good practise, allowing organisations to efficiently document their digital collections. They are an important tool for both collection management and advocacy. We hope this guide will offer practical, implementable guidance for organisations of all sizes and sectors".

The resources developed will be available as both downloadable guidance and a short online course, and will be published in late Spring 2024.