26 Jun 2024

QSA Announces New Public Records Act 2023 coming soon

The Queensland State Archives (QSA) have been presenting information webinars on the Public Records Act 2023 that will come into effect on 5 December 2024.

The new Public Records Act 2023 (the Act) supports transparency and accountability across government and helps preserve Queensland's cultural legacy and significant records for future generations.

The strengthened and modernised Act will provide clarity to public authorities and records managers/officers about their recordkeeping requirements and obligations. The new Act also promotes First Nations perspectives and advice.

The modernised Act signifies a significant step forward in:

  • enhancing transparency: the Act promotes pro-disclosure of public records, and balances access with protecting records based on the sensitivity of the information
  • promoting accountability: by requiring records to be made and kept showing why decisions were made or actions taken, and through monitoring, auditing and reporting
  • preserving Queensland's legacy: by helping protect the significant records of Queensland and safeguarding important historical information for future generations.

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See the Public Records Act 2023 here: