Julie Apps New Practitioner

The Julie Apps New Practitioner Award is presented by RIMPA to recognise the contribution an individual, who is new to the industry, has made either to their workplace practices or to the RIMPA community.

Julie Apps Life FRIM

Julie Apps Life FRIM

Named in acknowledgement of Julie Apps, an honoured life member of RIMPA.  Julie has been involved in the record and information management industry for over 40 years and has always had a keen focus on training and mentoring new practitioners to the industry, taking many young, unsure persons through the RIMPA journey to become passionate and contributing professionals. Her mentoring skills centre around involvement and guidance and there are numerous professionals working in the industry who Julie has helped to mould into the persons they are today.

The process for nomination and assessment is performed through three steps: EligibilityGate 1 and Gate 2.  Nominations can be self-nominated or submitted by a third party.  There may also be an in-person discussion with shortlisted nominees (if required).


  • The nominee does not need to be a RIMPA Global member
  • Only those practitioners who have been employed or volunteer (permanent, temporary, or part-time) in a records and information management role for five years or less or have been identified as a ‘newbie’ member by RIMPA are eligible
  • Evidence is to be provided from the employer or volunteering organisation detailing commencement date in the records and information management role

Gate 1

  • The nominee is to provide evidence of their Workplace Contribution, Knowledge Sharing and Learning and Development against the listed categories in the online nomination form, with points being awarded for each category

  • The nominee must obtain a minimum of 50 points in Gate 1

  • The 50 points must be spread across at least two of the three categories

  • Nominations obtaining the 50 points will progress to Gate 2

Gate 2

  • The nominee will answer two questions on the online nomination form

  • The judging committee will score each response and the evidence provided using a merit-based assessment

Gate 2 closes 12 July 2024


2024 Winner

To be announced at the Black Tie Gala Dinner and Awards night at RIMPA Live 2024!

Previous Winners

2022: Cassandra Regan

2021: Susannah Tindall ARMA

2020: Damian Shepherd

2019: Frank Flintoff sponsored by PROV