RIMPA 48th Annual General Meeting 

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Where:           Virtual Teams Meeting

When:             Thursday 30th November 2023                    

10.00am: WA | 11.30am: NT | 12.00pm: Qld | 12.30pm: SA | 1.00pm: ACT, NSW, Tas, Vic | 3.00pm: NZ/Auckland


47.1.    Attendance

As per the attendance register.

47.2.   Apologies

47.3.   Proxies

As per the proxy register.

47.4.   Minutes of Previous Meeting – 47

The minutes of the 47th Annual General Meeting held on 7 October 2022. Having been circulated are submitted for confirmation.

47.5.    Business arising from the previous meeting


47.6.   Receive the Annual Report from the Chair on the activities of the Company in the preceding year

It is recommended that the Annual Report for period ending 30 June 2023 be received.

47.7.    Financial Report

It is recommended that the Financial Report and duly audited statements of accounts be received.

47.8.    Appointment of Auditor for Financial Year 2023-2024


47.9.   Other Business

                        NIL received

47.10. Declaration of Company Board Directors

The Company Secretary to announce the Board of Directors for the forthcoming year commencing 1st January 2024.

  • Rebbell Barnes
  • Meryl Bourke
  • Ruth Edge
  • Bonita Kennedy
  • Jeremy Manford
  • David Moldrich
  • David Pryde
  • Lisa Read White
  • Nancy Taia
  • Peter Williams

47.11.  Declaration of Board Executive

The Company Secretary to announce the Executive Board Committee for the forthcoming year commencing 1st January 2024

Chair                           Bonita Kennedy

Vice Chair                  Jeremy Manford

Executive Director    David Moldrich

47.12.  General business

                        Open to the floor for questions to the Board.

47.13.  Close of meeting

There being no further business, the Chair of the Board will Declare the meeting closed.

Meeting Closed

Download the RIMPA 48th AGM Agenda below

RIMPA Global 48th AGM Agenda


Download the the 47th AGM RIMPA Minutes below

RIMPA Global 47th AGM Minutes