10 Jul 2024

Queensland Government is set to Introduce Mandatory Risk Assessments for Projects using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Queensland mandates risk assessments for AI and ADM in public projects to ensure safety and manage risks.

The Queensland government is set to introduce mandatory risk assessments for projects using artificial intelligence (AI) and automated decision-making (ADM) in the public sector. This initiative aims to ensure that the risks associated with these technologies are properly identified and managed.

The new policy, which is in its final stages of development, will require both internal assessments and external reviews of AI and ADM projects. The Queensland Government Customer and Digital Group (QGCDG) is leading this effort, developing an AI governance policy and an accompanying AI risk assessment framework. This framework will potentially incorporate the ISO42001 AI Management System Standard to manage AI risks throughout their lifecycle.

The policy will be integrated into existing mandatory regimes, such as the ICT Investment Review and the portfolio, program, and project assurance framework. The QGCDG has been supporting various departments with the planning and implementation of AI projects, which include the use of drones for agricultural monitoring and the deployment of the QChat chatbot for customer service and regulatory technology applications.

This move aligns with a broader national framework agreed upon by federal, state, and territory data and digital ministers, which advises but does not mandate assurance scoring and controls based on financial and risk thresholds. Similar systems have already been implemented in New South Wales and Western Australia.

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