RIMPA recognises and pays tribute to the following recipients of the Outstanding Achievement Awards and Branch Excellence Awards.

Live Stream and Award Winner Photos

2019/2020 RIMPA Glamour Awards Night Live Stream

2018/2019 Oustanding Achievement Award Winner Photos and Recognition of Membership Photos

Outstanding Achievement Awards

iQ Article of the Year

2019/20 (Sponsored by Iron Mountain): PROV Map Warper: The Online Tool Built Through Knowledge Sharing by Natasha Cantwell

2018/19 (Sponsored by Iron Mountain): To Digitise or not to Digitise: a millenial's perspective by Susannah Tindall ARIM

2017/18 (Sponsored by Iron Mountain): The Missing Piece of the Puzzle by Lynda Leigh ARIM

2016/17 (Sponsored by Iron Mountain): How to Relocate your Records Successfully by Molly Ap-Thomas

2015/16 (Sposored by Recall): Why you need to think differently about information management by Alyssa Blackburn

2014/15 (Sponsored by Recall): Setting up a successful RM department by Kylie Welch

2013/14 (Sponsored by Recall): We need that in paper… or do we? by Kate Cumming

2012/13 (Sponsored by Recall): The changing landscape of information and records management by Linda Shave

2011/12 (Sponsored by Recall): How to rebrand records management to encourage support and collaboration by Janet Knight and Kate Cumming

2010/11 (Sponsored by Objective): Gordon Ramsay & Alphabet Soup. The future of record keeping is simple by Allen Hancock

2009/10 (Sponsored by Objective): Walking the tightrope: Some simple solutions to capturing instant messages as corporate records by Allison Hunter

2008/09 (Sponsored by Objective): Making RIM relevant by Paula Smith

2007/08 (Sponsored by Objective): First Aid for Records by Allen Hancock

2006/07 (Sponsored by Objective): Developing a Sector-Wide General Disposal Authority: A District Health Boards of New Zealand Case Study by Amanda Cossham and Kerri Siatiras

2005/06 (Sponsored by Objective): Palm Island: Recordkeeping and Accountability by Elisabeth Wheeler

2004/05 (Sponsored by Objective): The Worldwide Impact of ISO 15489 by Mike Steemson

2004/05 (Sponsored by Objective): Highly Commended Certificate - Making DIRKS Work by Stephen Macintosh 

Jim Shepherd Awards

Branch of the Year

2019/20: Queensland Branch

2018/19: Queensland Branch

2017/18: Queensland Branch

Vendor of the Year

2019/20: CorpMem Business Solutions

2018/19: Records Solutions

2017/18: Information Proficiency

J Eddis Linton Awards

New Professional

2019/20: Damian Shepherd

2018/19: Frank Flintoff

Outstanding Student

2019/20 (Sponsored by FYB): Lisa Huria

2018/19 (Sponsored by Records Solutions): Livia Porto

2017/18 (Sponsored by Records Solutions): Janine Morris MRIM

Outstanding Group

2019/20 (Sponsored by Information Proficiency): Castlepoint Systems

2018/19 (Sponsored by Information Proficiency): Bayside Council

Innovation Category (Sponsored by Information Proficiency): Seqwater
Implementation Category (Sponsored by FYB): Royal Australian Mint
Business Benefit Category (Sponsored by Information Proficiency): Department of Health
Collaboration Category (Sponsored by EzeScan): City of Wodonga

Outstanding Individual

2019/20 (Sponsored by Castlepoint Systems): Rebbell Barns MRIM

2018/19 (Sponsored by EzeScan): Sandra Ennor ARIM

Industry Contribution Awards

Paul Fechner ARIM – South Australia
Anne Cornish MRIM – Queensland

Nancy Taia MRIM – Queensland

Branch Excellence Awards

ACT Branch

Outstanding Group: Castlepoint Systems
Rob Barnett Award of Excellence - Outstanding Individual: Kemal Hasandedic FRIM

Outstanding Group: Australian Fisheries Management Agency


NSW Branch

Peter A. Smith - Outstanding Student: Shivaun Tijou
Outstanding Group: Department of Defence (Air Force) - Air Mobility Group
Outstanding Individual: Rebbell Barnes MRIM

Outstanding Group: Bayside Council
Outstanding Individual: Jade Reed ARIM


NZ Branch

New Professional: Mel Rush
Dr Gillian Oliver Award - Outstanding Student (Sponsored by Victorian University of Wellington): Lisa Huria
Outstanding Group: Greater Wellington Regional Council
Dianne Macaskill Award - Outstanding Individual (Sponsored by The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand): Matt O'Mara MRIM

Dr Gillian Oliver Award - Outstanding Student: Tangi Te Mapou Maihi
Dianne Macaskill Award - Outstanding Individual: Kerri Siatiras


Qld Branch

2019/20 (Sponsored by iCognition)
Harry Haxton Outstanding Student Award: Amanda Spinks
Harry Haxton Outstanding Group Award: Griffith University - Productivity & Information Management Team
Chris Simpson Outstanding Individual Award: Janine Morris MRIM

2018/19 (Sponsored by TIMG)
Harry Haxton - Outstanding Student: Livia Porto
Harry Haxton - Outstanding Group: Toowoomba Regional Council
Chris Simpson - Outstanding Individual (Mentoring):  Megan Cappelleri MRIM
Chris Simpson - Outstanding Individual (Contribution): Gabrielle Ingram

2017/18 (Sponsored by TIMG)
Harry Haxton - Outstanding Student: Janine Morris MRIM
Harry Haxton - Outstanding Group: Seqwater
Harry Haxton - Outstanding Individual:  Anne Cornish MRIM

(Sponsored by BluMark)
Chris Simpson - Outstanding Group (Innovation and Marketing): Queensland State Archives
Chris Simpson - Outstanding Group (Partnership and Teamwork): Gympie Regional Council - Records Team
Chris Simpson - Outstanding Individual (Mentoring): Anne Cornish MRIM

Harry Haxton - Outstanding Group: Griffith University (Business Enablement Team IM Portfolio)
Harry Haxton - Outstanding Individual:  Meryl Bourke MRIM


SA/NT Branch

New Professional: Ildiko Lizak
Outstanding Group: KKit Consultancy
Lisa McDonough Outstanding Individual: Katrina Windebank

Bernadette Bean South Australian Records Management Service Excellence Award Winner: Deanna Fleming

Bernadette Bean South Australian Records Management Service Excellence Award Winner: Matthew Fry


Tas Chapter

Outstanding Individual Award: Farnz Corderoy


Vic Branch

David Moldrich Outstanding Group Award: Public Record Office Victoria
Outstanding Individual: Bethany Sinclair-Giardini MRIM

Outstanding Group: Yarra Ranges Shire Council
Outstanding Individual: Sandra Ennor ARIM


WA Branch

Black Swan - New Professional: Damian Shepherd
Outstanding Group: City of Perth
Neil Granland - Outstanding Individual: Suparna Chatterjee MRIM

Black Swan - New Professional: Frank Flintoff
Outstanding Group: Archives Office of the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth
Neil Granland - Outstanding Individual: Julie Coxall MRIM

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