Member Types

RIMPA offers two categories of membership: Individual and Corporate.

Individual Membership comprises of Practitioner, Certified Professional, Practitioner, and Student Memberships.

Corporate Membership begins with Corporate A, which enables up to three nominees who are employed by the company to receive the benefits of membership.

Membership begins on the day of payment and is valid for 365 days.

Individual Membership

Individual membership is an excellent starting point with RIMPA. 

Pricing Snapshot

 Practitioner  $500.00 
 Certified Professional - Associate Member  $430.00 
 Certified Professional - Chartered Member  $420.00 
 Certified Professional - Fellow Member  $410.00 
 Student  $120.00     
 Concessional/Retirees  $120.00 
 Allied  $160.00

Practitioner and Certified Professional Membership

Membership is open to individuals who have an interest in the records and information management field, in allied professions or those who support RIMPA’s objectives. 
Individual membership is an excellent starting point with the Association and provides the ability to strive to achieve professional recognition.  

Student Membership

Student Membership is available for students undertaking full-time or part-time study in a relevant course and who are working less than 25 hours per week. On submission of enrolment proof, and letter from employer confirming number of hours worked (if applicable), students are offered their first year’s membership free. Student membership costs $118.00 each year thereafter. 

All students need to provide either:

  • A current Student ID Card with Expiry Date or

  • A dated Proof of Enrolment Letter

*Please Note: Enrolment must be active and not a deferred status


Concessional/Retirees Membership

Concessional membership applies to those who have recently retired or have some adverse circumstances to be taken into consideration. Membership on this basis enables you to maintain access to RIMPA.  


Allied Membership

An allied member refers to an individual interested in engaging with RIMPA (Records and Information Management Practitioners Alliance) but is not directly engaged in an information management capacity. This membership is open to various professions, including Document Controllers, CEOs or CIOs, Librarians, Data Managers, and individuals holding Governance Roles.


Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is available to all organisations involved with, or interested in records and information management industry. Each Corporate Membership specifies nominees to receive membership benefits while in the employ of the company. Membership provides the nominated staff within the organisation the opportunity to develop and maintain industry knowledge while employees keep abreast of industry changes, ensuring your organisation is compliant with various Acts in Australia and New Zealand. 

Please Note: Membership begins on the day it is paid and is valid for 365 days.

Pricing Snapshot

 Corporate A  $675.00 
 Corporate B  $910.00 
 Corporate B+  $1,300.00 
 Corporate C  $2,050.00 
 Corporate D  $3,270.00 
 Corporate Bundle 1  $1,315.00
 Corporate Bundle 2  $1,645.00
 Corporate Bundle 3  $2,195.00
 Corporate Bundle 4  $3,185.00
 Corporate Bundle 5  $5,825.00

Corporate A

Membership suited for companies from one to three corporate nominees. 

Corporate B

Membership suited for companies with four to five nominees.


Corporate C

Membership suited for companies with six to nine nominees.


Corporate D

Membership suited for companies with 10 to 20 nominees.


Corporate Membership Bundles

Corporate Membership Bundle 1

Membership suited for companies from one to three corporate nominees. 


Corporate Membership Bundle 2

Membership suited for companies with up to four nominees.


Corporate Membership Bundle 3

Membership suited for companies with up to 6 nominees.


Corporate Membership Bundle 4

Membership suited for companies with up to nine nominees.


Corporate Membership Bundle 5

Membership suited for companies with up to twenty nominees.


Corporate Member Bundles Flyer



For more than 20 Corporate Nominees, please contact the Membership Team for a tailored quote.

Additional Memberships

Community Subscriber

Subscription receives our weekly newsletter and allows access to the RIMPA online community only (industry specific forum). No other member privileges are accessible.


Manager Letter

Customise this letter to help your manager understand why RIMPA Membership is is essential in today's changing world of Records and Information Management.

*Convince your boss* downloadable document