03 Nov 2023

RIMPA Addresses the Issue: Record Keepers Express Concern Over Canberra's Approach to Digital Challenges

The letter, which has yet to receive a response, states that recent royal commission reports on high exposure issues have recommended improvements to the management of records and data, and yet the government is not responding.

RIMPA has requested a change to the Archives Act to be more inclusive of digital records, with a further request to commence a taskforce of key stakeholders such as RIMPA to discuss solutions to improve records management moving forward.

The article below has been published by Mandarin, which is an online newsfeed for 1.5 million public service executives, and the quotes provided were information from RIMPA as well as other pertinent voices.

RIMPA’s PR Company – GoodTalent, is working to maximise on this article and maintain momentum for action.

Read the article here.


After last Friday’s published article about the state of records management in the APS, RIMPA has been working with our PR company to continue the momentum with a further article with Innovation Australia and media interviews with other media resources scheduled throughout the week.

Read the article here.